Stockcroft works with over 80 farmers to contract finish pigs.  Some of these are sole fattening units and others are new wean to finish units.  We pay farmers to raise our pigs on a daily rate in the farmers own buildings.  Each month farmers receive an income, with a self billing invoice, that is very similar to a monthly milk cheque.

Stockcroft owns the pigs and pays for the feed, haulage, vet bills and provides field staff to offer technical assistance.   The farmer’s inputs are buildings, labour, equipment and straw.


In previous years Stockcroft has worked with farmers looking to diversify and typically redundant dairy buildings have been converted into modern rearing units.  Increasingly now we are working with farmers to install new purpose built buildings for pig rearing.  These buildings keep 1,000 pigs and are 50 foot by 200 ft.  They are straw based with a scrape through system, automatic ad lib feeders and drinkers and pigs are in pens of 50 from start to finish

Our new build package is a 5 year contract where Stockcroft

  • Assists the farmer through the planning process and with any environmental issues
  • This building is designed for ease of construction and provides a high welfare environment for the pigs
  • During the planning Stockcroft can advise the farmer on suitable project managers, building and equipment suppliers, often receiving a preferential rate.
  • During this time Stockcroft will visit the farm on a regular basis and have close telephone contact ensuring the farmer, even without pig experience, feels confident with their new venture